Information on initial liquidity and Yield Farming start

The initial supply of BLOOD amounts to 1000 tokens, and will be paired this way:

  • 996 BLOOD + 249 USDC (Main Liquidity & to create BLOOD-USDC Farm)

  • 2 BLOOD + ~0.37 WMATIC (just to create BLOOD-WMATIC Farm)

  • 2 BLOOD + ~0.00015 WETH (just to create BLOOD-WETH Farm)

as our initial liquidity. That liquidity won't be removed at any time, and shortly after being added it will be locked with RugDoctor locking service.

One of our own criteria for hopping onto a farming project is an actual fair launch (not plagued by bots) on Sep 10, 10:30pm GMT+02:00, and that will be what we aim to provide on our own project.

  1. Farming will start at block 19070000.

  2. Before farming starts, you can deposit to farming pools, but no rewards will be generated.

  3. Follow us on Twitter and join the BloodySwap Telegram Group for upcoming exciting updates, as well as voicing any concerns you may have or suggestions that could improve the platform.

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